When is Google’s Birthday?

People often pose a question ‘’When is Google’s birthday?’’. In this article, you’ll find all the relevant information that will tell you the exact dates of Google’s birthday.

“When is Google’s birthday?’’ might be one of the most popular questions that people ask themselves. Over the years, the date bounced back and forth between several notable dates. Therefore, it’s a bit difficult to pinpoint the exact year. However, there are a couple of options which correspond to different events in the past. These events refer to the points of its creation (when it was just an idea) and its release.

The Meeting of Larry Page and Sergey Brin in Summer of 1995

The two met when they were attending graduate school at Stanford. At the time, Sergey Brind was a second-year student who had been chosen to be Larry’s guide. At first, they didn’t have the highest of opinions about each other. However, as time passed, they sort of found a way to collaborate and work on similar projects. One of the projects that they started working on was a completely new search engine, which later became Google Search.

The Birth of a New Search Engine in January 1996

This new search engine idea was primarily Larry’s. He started working on it as a part of his doctoral thesis and based it entirely on citing. A citation is something that most academics use for academic and authoritative writing to determine its value. Nowadays, we have Google Scholar which mimics these functions and optimizes them for all sorts of texts. Larry’s initial idea was to optimize citing and integrate it online as much as possible. It was later on that he decided to create a brand new engine that would be used for searching things online. Both Larry and Sergey thought that this innovative approach had the potential to be more than just mere categorization engine (such as Yahoo!). As a result, they decided to partner up and create an algorithm, which is now known as “PageRank’’.

In the beginning, Google had a different name, BackRub. Later, they renamed it to Google after Page and Brind played with different words. The base of its name was the word ‘’googol’’. Their project was so successful that it even brought down Stanford’s advanced database. As the time passed, Larry and Sergey dropped out of grad school and started considering the launch of the engine.

Google Finally Launches in September 1998

There are several dates and years that can be a potential answer to “when is Google’s birthday?’’ Each of these numbers particularly refers to specific events that took place between 1995 and 1998.

The registration of the initial Web domain (www.google.com) was in 1997. However, Google was fully operable during the following year. At this point, no one knew the exact birth date of the company, but they had to settle for one year eventually, and they did. Despite the initial launch day (which is on September 7th), Google uses September 27th as the official date of the company’s birthday. However, they do claim that even that date is liable to change if necessary. For example, some events such as the anniversary of the World Trade Center bombing caused the original date to shift. Google usually celebrates its birthday by changing the logo art on their main page each year on that day.

So when is Google’s birthday? Well, so far we have 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998 as the potential years of Google’s birth. However, September 27th (1998) is the definite official date, and we think that it won’t change anytime soon.


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