What is VulcanRT and Should I Remove it?

In this article, we briefly go over everything you need to know about VulkanRT. Take a look at what it is and why you should keep it on your computer.

Many of us have came across a not that familiar program on our PCs — VulkanRT. More often than not, Vulkan RT has been spotted in the app list of Windows 10 or even in the Program Files folder. Of course, when faced with the unknown, most of us wonder — what is it? Do we need it? Should we remove it?

What’s more, the first thing that comes to mind when we see an unfamiliar program is that it is some kind of malware. But, VulkanRT isn’t a virus. In fact, it isn’t harmful in any way. Therefore, we should not remove it from our computers.

VulkanRT — Vulkan Runtime Libraries is very beneficial for our computers. Keep reading to find out why, and why it’s extremely important for gamers.

VulkanRT — What Is It?

In short, VulkanRT improves the efficiency in 3D applications. Therefore, it’s important for gamers, as it affects the performance of games and other interactive media. This graphics API designed for cross-platform performance maintains the balance between CPU and GPU usage.

The Khronos Group created it in 2014 and announced the release of the program in 2015, on the Game Developers Conference. This company focuses on designing and manufacturing open standard APIs.

Here’s the main benefit of VulkanRT. It’s beneficial for multi-core CPUs because it distributes the workload evenly. This OpenGL successor is more complex than its predecessor. However, that doesn’t mean it can completely take over for OpenGL.

VulkanRT has certain similarities with Direct3D12 as well, but it can also work with more than one OS. Unlike the Direct3D12, it works with Android, Linux, and, of course, Windows. What’s more, there is third-party support for apple lovers as well, as it can work on iOS and MacOS.

How Did VulkanRT Get On My Computer?

Most likely, VulkanRT found a permanent home in our PC after the latest driver update for the NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards. It’s also possible that it came with the newly purchased graphics card and the GPU drivers that follow it.

There’s also a possibility that a newly downloaded game is “at fault” since many games exploit VulkanRT or even require it. Therefore, any new addition can be the answer to the question — how did VulkanRT get on my computer?

Use it or Ditch It?

VulkanRT is a useful program, even necessary at times. Therefore, we shouldn’t uninstall it. Even though it looks like it came out of left field, it isn’t harmful — quite the contrary.

There’s a possibility that our anti-virus programs will flag VulkanRT as suspicious or potentially harmful because it’s new and unfamiliar. However, there’s no need to worry. VulkanRT brings many benefits without any risks and it’s completely safe for any PC.


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