How to Rip DVDs and Blu-Ray Disks Using MakeMKV

It’s still rather difficult for users of any OS to find good DVD and/or Blu-Ray ripping software. And we do mean any OS – Windows, Linux, Mac, Endless, you name it. However, there is one program that’s got you covered, namely MakeMKV. Remember to keep it in beta if you don’t want to pay. Why? Because even in only beta, MakeMKV is the best ripper out there right now.

Now, MakeMKV will probably be of more help to you folks who didn’t invest good coin in a decent ripping app. Whether you’re a bit late on the format changes or don’t have the hard drive space for 50+GB files, consider this opportunity. In two clicks, MakeMKV will decrypt, rip, and convert your DVDs and Blu-Rays.

And how does it work? Well, first you pop in the CD of your choice. Next, you click on the icon to choose either the DVD or the Blu-Ray option. Finally, you hit Make MKV, wait about half an hour, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful little .MKV file. In addition, you can play this file on the vast majority of video players, like VLC or XBMC. Furthermore, you have the option of editing individual chapters or edit a few preferences or so. However, if all you need is a decent, simple rip, the basics are enough for you.

MakeMKV is free for every OS, and you can download it at their official site, Now we did stress that it’s free in beta only, but we should highlight that it’s for Blu-Ray rips. DVD rips are free even outside of beta. Don’t wait, rip today!


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